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your soul – your skin




Karmatouch was created to bring the magic and blessings of the Himalayas to the world.


Our soap bars are filled with enchantment. Through a unique soap making process they are filled with love and gratitude. 

Enrich your soul and nourish your skin with the organic ingredients

of our Karmatouch soap bars.




For centuries, the Nepalese people sourced the finest coconut, mustard and apricot oils fused with a touch of essential oils for the healing and massaging of babies. These plants were hand picked by people from the mountains and carefully processed into beautiful rose, geranium, vanilla, citronella and lemon scents.

The Nepalese also used fresh aloe vera, nettle and the transforming spice turmeric for it’s incredible benefits and amazing effects on the skin. Turmeric has played a key role in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for more than 4,000 years and has been used as a natural beauty product for ages.

soulful Soap

our why

Inspired by the love for one of the most beautiful and mystical places on Earth, the Himalayas, Karmatouch was born from the idea that good energy can be put even into a simple soap bar.


Former street children and child workers, who grew-up in Nepal's Happy Children orphanage, came up with the idea to make something special for special people.


They wanted to give back. Now as empowered young adults, they make beautiful soaps and aromatic decoration items that are individually handcrafted through their art of soap making with the finest natural ingrediens. These young adults are not only creating a better life for themselves, but they are also part of the change.

Each soap bar is handmade from the finest oils and plants, using only 3-4 natural ingredients blended together into beautiful colours, scents and shapes. Coconut and apricot oil as well as mustert oil combined with pure essential oils from the mountains are touching skin and soul.


Karmatouch nourishes your skin and enriches your soul!


be part of the change


Karmatouch is not just balm for your soul, but for our planet. Our eco-friendly organic soap bar comes with a blessing from the Himalayas to you.

Handmade in Nepal by young people who were once hopeless, the children that nobody wanted to touch, they craft these beautiful soaps while they sing and chant with a big smile from their tremendous gratitude and joy from having a future and finding happiness in life.

They are the former street children, child workers or child slaves who give all their love and pour all their gratitude into the making of each soap bar, while they imagine how their soap will give joy to a person anywhere in the world.

3,000,000 tons of plastic in the world’s oceans pollute our earth. By supporting Karmatouch you also reduce your carbon footprint, as one soap bar is the equivalent of two medium sized shower gel bottles.

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We are innovative and creative minds who shape our own destiny.

We are the former street children, child workers and child slaves, the children that nobody wanted. We grew-up in with love and support, and with this support and resilience we got to dream big.

With our unique process of soap making that includes the practice of sending out each soap bar with a blessing, we now make beautiful soaps that touch and heal your skin.

Through Karmatouch and entrepreneurship we have created a better life for ourselves. Now we are part of something big. We change the world.

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